Digital guest directory iQ Tab The smart way to increase your turnover

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The digital guest directory iQ Tab increases your sales

Discover the possibilities of a digital guest directory and provide your guests with targeted information that will increase the turnover per guest at the push of a button. Learn how easy digital guest communication is and experience a revolution in your life as a hotelier now.

Effective advertising with the digital guest directory

Every hotelier provides some special offers or packages for their guests. However, to always print new flyers or display new posters not only wastes time but also money. Whether it is a Mother’s Day arrangement, candle light dinner or a full-body peeling, the digital guest directory helps you to promote your hotel’s offers. Thanks to the intuitive handling, you can easily enter new content with the CMS system in just a few minutes. Your guests can use the smart guest directory to find out all about the services you offer, quickly and conveniently from their hotel room. With the Booking Assistant your guests can even order their next massage or a table in the restaurant from their bedside. You have never increased your turnover as quickly and easily as that.

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iQ Tab – up to 50 % higher turnover

Regular guest directory

Personnel relief

iQ Tab – up to 65 % less workload

Regular guest directory

Send push messages with the digital guest directory

Push Messages Your offers directly in the hotel room

Push messages are an effective marketing tool for increasing sales. This way, you can address your guests directly in their hotel rooms without disturbing them. The advertising message appears on the digital guest directories of your guests in real time, without them having to open the messages. Your hotel guests will be informed about your latest offers immediately.

You still have available seats for your theme buffet in the evening or you would like to fill some massage appointments at short notice? No problem with your smart directory. Simply send your guests a short message about your current offer via the push message function. You will be amazed by how quickly the digital guest directory helps you to fill free spots.

Push Messages Success with the new standards

The push messages for your digital guest directory can be completely standardized. Do you want to inform your guests regularly about the possibility of a late check-out or do you want to promote your cocktail happy hour? Simply create templates for your individual push messages and send them automatically and at any time to your guests. It will save you time and you can be sure you will not forget to inform any of your guests about your offers.

Do not wait for tomorrow and start the future today – together with your smart guest directory. Take control of the utilization of your hotel offers and significantly increase your turnover per guest.

Up- & Cross-Selling 2.0 Higher sales guaranty

Up-selling and cross-selling play a crucial role in the hotel industry when it comes to increasing revenue per guest. Cross-selling means the sale of other services and complementary products. For example, you can offer your guests to rent a bicycle for their visit to the city center or a relaxing wellness massage. Up-selling, on the other hand, is the active offering of higher-priced products or services. For example, upgrading to a better room category or selling expensive wine.

This type of additional sales has become more and more important for hotels over the last few years. This makes it all more important for you to take advantage of the huge potential of up- and cross-selling opportunities in the hotel. The digital guest directory is actively by your side and provides you a full support. Expand your up- and cross-selling in the hotel without much effort.

Digital guest directory iQ Tab hotel drinks card
Digital guest directory iQ Tab own restaurants

Up- & Cross-Selling 2.0 Provision for you – more comfort for your guest

Let’s assume there is a well-known theme park or a car rental near your hotel. In this case, you can use your digital guest directory to advertise tickets for a visit to the amusement park or to rent a nice car. Your guests can also book these offers via the digital guest directory directly in their hotel room. Create a new source of income and increase your turnover. Benefit now and start into the future with the digital guest directory iQ Tab.

Your guest needs a rental car, wants to check out late, extend his stay or book tickets? Take advantage of this opportunity and create effective up- and cross-selling possibilities with the help from your digital guest directory. Profit from new revenue streams, such as commissions from a bike rental or tourist information nearby, and increase your turnover without effort.

Digital guest directory iQ Tab wellness and spa applications

Additional advertising revenues Make it happen with the digital guest directory

You can not only easily increase your turnover, but you can also generate completely new income with your new digital guest directory. For example by renting advertising space on your smart guest directory, the iQ Tab.

Provide inexpensive advertising space for the restaurant next door, the shopping mall nearby or the tourist information office in town. Target marketing can’t be more efficient than this. Your new advertising partner can either manage the content for his advertising space himself or you can manage the space according to your wishes.

Digital advertising space Refinancing the digital guest directory

Digital advertising space enjoys more and more popularity. The contact with this kind of advertising is much more intensive and interactive. Your hotel guests will not be overwhelmed with information, but will voluntarily and extensively deal with the smart tablet. Enjoying a comfortable situation in your hotel room and in a relaxed atmosphere, they will like to explore the contents of your digital guest directory and will be open for various offers and information.

Digital guest directory iQ Tab Ads

There are no limits to the number of advertising partners, whose products and services can be integrated in your smart guest directories. With these additional earnings you can easily subsidize your digital guest portfolio. It does not only make your life as a hotelier easier, but also brings you extra money.

Increase your turnover with the digital guest directory from Betterspace

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