The digital guest directory iQ Tab The perfect marketing tool for your hotel

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Experience now how easy target marketing can be in your hotel and how you can strengthen guests loyalty. Advertise effectively, increase loyalty, improve your image and build trust at the same time – only with the digital guest directory!

Corporate design Your digital guest directory

Your digital guest directory represents your hotel just like your employees do. Therefore it is crucial to adapt the design of your directories to your individual corporate design. After all, your corporate design reflects the personality of your hotel and ensures a high recognition value among your guests.

This way you create a clearly visible connection between your hotel and your smart directory, which increases customer loyalty and generates trust. In addition, it gives you a uniform appearance and a coherent brand concept.

The digital guest directory the iQ tab in your hotel design
Personal greetings on the digital guest directory iQ Tab

Interface PMS connection for higher customer loyalty

Your new digital guest directories can be connected to your PMS system via an interface very easily. This means less work for you and more time for your guests.

In the future you can greet your guests with a personal message in their hotel room. Send them a short push message via the iQ Tab and welcome your guests in your hotel. At this point you can recommend current offers or point out special features and services of your hotel. This creates trust and strengthens customer loyalty. The interface provides your digital guest directory with all the relevant information such as name, arrival and departure date, so addressing your guests personally is possible without effort.

Guests’ interests Do you know exactly what your guests want? No?!? We do!

With the innovative digital guest directories you will be able to see what your guests are really interested in and what they like, all with just a click. iQ Control, the backend of your digital directories, always shows you up-to-date statistics on the use of your smart directories. That way, iQ Control provides you with information which categories your guests prefer and what content and features are frequently used and clicked.

The analysis offers you important information to perfectly adapt the content of your digital guest directories to the needs of your guests. Use this and extend your categories with new content. This leads to an increased use of the guest directories, higher satisfaction and ultimately to an increased turnover. Make use of the opportunities the innovative directory offers you and provide your guests with exactly those offers and information they really need.

The backend of the digital guest directory provides you with valuable statistics
Send digital greeting cards with digital guest folder to Facebook or Twitter

Greeting cards Effective target marketing in your hotel

The greeting card feature helps you to bring your target marketing to perfection. There’s hardly an easier way to directly address potential customers. Using the digital directory, your guests send the greeting cards to their friends or family via e-mail or share them via social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

By doing so, your guests advertise your hotel directly to your target group. After all, your guests, their family and friends will be able to recommend your hotel at the same time. This creates trust and attracts attention.

Greeting cards More presence for your hotel website

Thanks to the greeting cards, you receive valuable backlinks for your website as soon as your guests share the greeting cards in social networks. Search engines use the number and quality of backlinks to determine the link popularity or importance of your website. Thanks to the greeting cards sent via the digital guest directories, the ranking of your website is positively influenced and improved.

The only thing you have to do at this point is to provide your guests with different attractive greeting card designs. Suitable for this purpose are for example images of your hotel matching the current season. Your guests will do the rest for you. Without much effort, you achieve a better web presence and increase your potential customer base with the help from the digital guest directory.

Auswahl verschiedener Grußkarten auf der digitalen Gästemappe
Smart and green with the digital guest directory iQ Tab

Green image For more sustainability in hotels

Give your hotel a sustainable and green image. With the help from the digital guest directory and the “cancel room cleaning” feature, you not only conserve resources but also relieve the environment and create a green and sustainable image. Because of the cancelled room cleanings you will save water and cleaning agents. This relieves the environment and promotes climate protection.

The smart directory gives you a decisive competitive edge and improves your image, especially at a time when environmental protection and sustainability are becoming more and more important to your hotel guests.

Perception Show your guests you were not born yesterday

In the future, it will be impossible to imagine hotel rooms without the smart guest directories. Don’t wait for innovation to become a standard. Experience now how your progressive digital directories positively impact your image.

Use the smart directories to position yourself as a modern and sustainable hotel. Offer your guests a completely new experience and turn their stay into a unique experience.

Improve your image with the digital guest directory from Betterspace

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