IntegrationSmart Home for hotels is incredibly easy and efficient

Discover how fast and uncomplicated the intelligent iQ Roomcontrol can be implemented into your hotel. Saving energy and protecting the environment is easier and cheaper than you think. Find out for yourself!

Prerequisite The perfect Smart Home system for every hotel

The intelligent iQ Roomcontrol fits into every hotel. The Smart Home system is suitable for a cozy family-run hotel with 15 rooms as well as a five-star hotel with 250 rooms. It is infinitely scalable and can be easily implemented not only into the hotel or conference rooms, but also into the wellness area, restaurant or hotel lobby. Furthermore, the radio thermostats are suitable for all standard radiator valves.

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Integration Exchange. Activate. Done.

The smart room control can be integrated into your hotel without any structural measures. In the first step, the controller will be installed. Then the old thermostats will be exchanged by new radio-controlled thermostats without any intervention into the heating system and you do not have to drain the heating water. Finally, the controllers will connect automatically via our server. This way, a stable and reliable connection between the intelligent room control system and the radio thermostats is created.

In addition, the smart room control is connected to your PMS system. Automatically, reliably and independently the smart home system regulates your heating, air conditioning or fan coil. The thermostats can be centrally controlled and individually regulated via a web access, regardless of whether you access the user interface from a desktop or tablet computer. No matter where you are, you always have the perfect overview over the heating or air conditioning in your hotel.

Heater with wireless thermostat by Betterspace in the hotel room

Hotel WLANDoes the smart room control burden my hotel WLAN?

One controller is installed in every sixth to eight room, depending on the building structure of your hotel. Of course the controllers are preconfigured by us in order to minimize your effort. After installation, the controllers are automatically connected by radio to the smart thermostats and each thermostat is controlled by at least two controllers. This ensures a permanent connection and secures data transmission to our Smart Home system and your PMS system. However, the WLAN load on your hotel network is minimal thanks to the use of latest wireless technology. Figuratively speaking, the intelligent room control does not burden your WLAN more than a simple WhatsApp message.

Typical traffic loads in comparison

Facebook & co. – 24,25%

YouTube & Netflix – 22,81%

Browsing – 15,02%

Email – 4,02%

iQ Roomcontrol – 0,42%

Less traffic load is better

PMS connectivity Efficient and intelligent – the Smart Home system for your hotel

The intelligent room control is connected to your PMS system via an interface. Thus, the smart home system knows at any time whether a hotel room is occupied or not and only the occupied rooms are heated in the winter or cooled in the summer. Of course, your hotel rooms will not cool down in winter either. A moderate temperature in the system can be set for your unoccupied rooms, for example 17 °C. The complete turning off of the heating or air conditioning in the hotel room is not applicalbe and would be rather disadvantageous from an energetic point of view, due to the higher energy consumption of the complete process of heating up the room. The efficiently lowered temperature in the hotel room when not in use saves energy and money.

If your booking system indicates the actual arrival of the guest, the room will be preheated at the check-in-time temperature, which usually makes
+2 °C. As soon as the check-in has taken place and your PMS system has announced that the hotel room is occupied, the temperature will increase to the predefined values. Moreover, thanks to the additional boost feature, your radiators can heat up the room in a very short time.

schematic representation of the interfaces from iQ Roomcontrol to PMS suppliers

Make your hotel more sustainable with the Smart Hotel system and Betterspace

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