Fields of application Flexible and incredibly smart

The smart home solution is flexible and turns your hotel into a smart hotel. In addition to air conditioning, heating system and fan coils, the intelligent management system is able to precisely and automatically regulate the lights, blinds or ceiling heating. No matter what kind of air conditioning and atmosphere you prefer for your hotel, we offer you an uncomplicated and reliable management system that makes your life as hotelier easier.

Digitalize your hotel with a vendor-independent smart home solution. The intelligent software is web-based and can be extended with an infinite number of sensors or actuators. Experience how easy digitization can be and enjoy the benefits of the latest technology.

Central heating Intelligent heating in the hotel saves your money

The intelligent iQ Roomcontrol regulates your heating reliably and independently. In addition to the classic static radiators, the smart home system also controls underfloor and ceiling heating. No matter if you use gas, district heating, oil, wood or pellets, we have a sophisticated and reliable management system that will take care of everything.

You will no longer have to worry about your cogeneration unit or solar thermal system. The intelligent controller will take care of it. Experience how easy and effective digitalization can be. Upgrade your hotel, reduce operating costs and relieve your hotel staff.

Air conditioning and fan coil Perfect temperatures in the hotel with no effort

Do you use air conditioning or fan coil units for cooling the hotel rooms or the conference area? Perfect! With iQ Roomcontrol, we have created an efficient and reliable management system for this.

Thanks to the wireless wall-mounted thermostats, the fully independent regulation of air conditioners or fan coil units is a piece of cake for our smart home system. Discover the future and intelink your hotel in a simple way. Of course, you will always have an overview on all connected components and can interfere at any time via web-access.

Lighting and blindsCreate the perfect atmosphere in the hotel with Smart Home solutions

Create the perfect atmosphere in your hotel rooms and in the lobby. With the help from radio components, the intelligent room control can also regulate the lights in your hotel. For example, the smart home solution automatically switches the light on when your guest checks-in and automatically switches it off when your guest checks-out. There are no limits to your ideas. Do you want to set certain accents with the light colors and create the right setting for your guest when entering the hotel room? No problem. You decide how your guests will be welcomed in the future.

With the help from radio components, the smart room controller is able to regulate the blinds. You simply define certain rules in the system, such as that the blinds open when your guests check in and close again when they check out. With the help of our Smart Home solution, many things are possible and you can let your imagination run wild.

Just sit back and let the intelligent iQ Roomcontrol regulate your heating and air conditioning

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