Intelligent room control Save up to 31% of energy costs

Discover how easy and fast the smart home system for your hotel reduces your operating costs while relieving the burden on the environment. Learn more about how intelligent room control can also relieve your staff from time-consuming tasks and optimize internal processes in your hotel.

Reduce operating costs Save money and reduce your expenses

With the intelligent iQ Roomcontrol you will save operating costs in your hotel. Thanks to the automatic management function, you will be able to reduce your energy costs by up to 31 percent. As a result, the Smart Home solutions pay for themselves. You set upper and lower limits for the desired temperature in your hotel rooms. This prevents guests from overheating or overcooling the hotel rooms. In the future you will decide how warm or cold your rooms should be.

Thanks to the day and night reduction function, you can save energy in the hotel, no matter whether you use air conditioning or central heating. During the day, when your guests do not use the hotel rooms, or at night, while your guests are sleeping, you only waste money on heating. Lowering the temperature by each degree Celsius will save six to eight percent of energy costs, which can sum up to a considerable number over the year. Do not throw your money out the window for unnecessarily overheating or overcooling. Lower your operating costs and heat up your rooms intelligently.

iQ Roomcontrol thermostat for heating and air conditioning

Relieve the personnelThe smart room control regulates everything by itself

The smart home system for your hotel not only reduces your operating costs, but also reduces the workload on you and your staff. The intelligent room control system regulates your central heating, air conditioning or fan coil completely, automatically and independently from your personnel. Moreover, you are able to define various parameters, such as maximum temperature, offset and other settings according to your wishes. The smart room control autonomously regulates all processes according to your criteria.

Furthermore, the smart home system automatically detects open windows. As soon as the intelligent iQ Roomcontrol identifies an open window, it stops heating and sends an email notification. This helps to avoid unnecessary high energy consumption in the hotel, in case a guest has turned the heating to level 5 and the maid opens the window during the cleaning. In the future, your room service staff will no longer have to control each radiator in the hotel.

Optimization of hotel processes There is no easier way to digitize the hotel

With the help of the intelligent iQ Roomcontrol, you can also optimize all processes in your hotel that are related to heating, air conditioning or fan coil. The smart home system controls everything completely and fully independently. Once a week, the radio thermostats run a so-called “maintenance run”, during which they check the valves of your heating or air conditioning system. This helps to avoid repairs and associated costs. In addition, it will help you promptly discover possible shortcomings of the valves and avoid major damages at the central heating or air conditioning.

In addition, the smart room control automatically warns you in the event of unusual consumption or temperatures. If there are any errors detected in the management system, e. g. insufficient heating or cooling, or too high temperatures, the smart home system sends an alert message. So in case of any technical problems with your heating or air conditioning you are always immediately informed. In combination with iQ Monitoring, you can also easily create individual reports and always keep an eye on energy consumption in your hotel. Get more security and control in your hotel with intelligent room control.

Reception handels Betterspace Backend

Protect the environment and save resources For more sustainability in your hotel

Give your hotel a green, sustainable and climate-friendly image with the smart room control. Thanks to the intelligent algorithms and various features, such as current weather forecasts, the setting for temperature limits or night-time reduction, you can reduce energy consumption in your hotel. In return, your CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 50 percent. Moreover, you can save valuable resources by using less energy in your hotel. Especially in times, when more and more guests attach great importance to sustainability and environmental protection, you will gain a decisive advantage by using the intelligent room control system.

Satisfied guests Smart hotels, happy guests and relaxed hoteliers

The Smart Home system makes your hotel fit for the future and enhances the comfort of your guests. Experience how the perfect temperature boosts your guests’ satisfaction and how complains about discomfort or cold and stuffy hotel rooms will disappear. With the intelligent room control you will establish a new and modern standard in your hotel, which will increase comfort and satisfaction of your guests.

Hotelier stretches thumbs up because of the satisfaction by Betterspace

Lower your operating cost together with Betterspace and the intelligent iQ Roomcontrol

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