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thermostat of the intelligent room control

The smart room control system controls radiators and air conditioning in your hotel rooms – completely independently from your staff. The smart home system ensures higher energy efficiency in the hotel, reduces energy costs and conserves the resources. It also relieves the burden on the environment and, thanks to staff-independent processes, gives you more time to concentrate on the essential matter at your hotel – your guests! Cost-effectively and without structural measures, you can integrate the smart home solution into the existing building structure. Reduce your operating costs, ensure perfect room conditions and protect the environment!

All advantages of iQ Roomcontrol

Smart Home in your hotel Reduced operating costs and increased energy efficiency

Reduce your operating costs and protect the environment at the same time. Using the intelligent room control, you can save up to 31 percent of your energy costs and reduce your CO2 emissions. Discover the benefits of iQ Roomcontrol now and experience how easy it is for the hotel industry to digitize hotels with the smart home system.

Energy savings
up to 31%
CO2 emissions
No structural
guest satisfaction
Reduced operatings
and repair costs
Higher comfort
for the guests
Sustainable and
green image
More security and

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Installation and management Incredibly easy and fully automated

Without structural measures, your old heating thermostats or air conditioning system will be replaced by the new wireless thermostats, which are connected with the software via server. Web access allows you to keep an eye on your heating and air conditioning from anywhere.

The smart home system for your hotel can also connect to your PMS system. Thus, iQ Roomcontrol always knows which of your rooms are occupied and which are empty. The intelligent room control system controls the temperature in the hotel fully, automatically and within defined limits. From now on, you can lower your operating costs, control your air conditioning systems or radiators independently of the personnel and ensure more sustainability in your hotel. Reducing energy consumption by up to 31 percent has never been easier. Be smarter than your competition and use this advantage.

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Fields of application Perfect energy and climate management system – more energy efficiency for your hotel

The intelligent room control system ensures more energy efficiency in your hotel and reduces your operating costs. It doesn’t matter whether you are using an air conditioning or heating system in your hotel. We are also able to connect your underfloor or ceiling heating to our smart home system.

Automatic control of light and blinds is possible as well. Of course, the smart room control system is also available in combination with the digital guest directory iQ Tab. This allows your guests to conveniently switch on the light and regulate the temperature from their bedside via digital guest directory.

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Comparisson between conventional heaters and wireless thermostat of betterspace - iQ Roomcontrol

Smart home system On the way to a Smart Hotel

Smart home also makes life easier for you as a hotelier. It makes your hotel smart, energy-efficient, safe, intelligent and comfortable. Turn every stay into a real experience for your guests and underline the innovative and service-oriented character of your hotel.

Find out everything you need to know about smart home systems, how they work, what benefits they bring with them and how they bring revolution to your life as a hotelier.

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Smarte Home management via digital guest directory

Sustainovation in the hotel More sustainability and a green image

As a hotelier, you take ecological and social responsibility for your hotel. At a time when sustainability and environmental protection are more than just a trend, it is important not only to keep an eye on your turnover but also on your ecological footprint. We can help you with that!

The smart room control system iQ Roomcontrol gives your hotel a green image and protects the environment. CO2 emissions can be easily reduced. Particularly at a time when the environmental awareness of hotel guests is increasing, a sustainable and climate-positive image provides you a decisive competitive advantage.

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Customer reviews Everybody is enthusiastic about iQ Roomcontrol

Do not invest your money into the expensive renovation and do not waste your time. iQ Roomcontrol offers much more than a simple smart home system. The automatic intelligent control takes care of the pleasant temperatures in the hotel rooms and sets new standards in terms of digitization and energy efficiency in the hotel. Make yourself, your guests and the environment happy!

“Reduce costs and protect the environment at the same time. That’s more than just a positive outcome for me, our hotel, our guests and the environment.”

Ben Förtsch
Hotel Manager of Creativhotel Luise

“The smart room control makes our everyday life as hotelier easier and our guests happier.”

Stefan Frankfurth
Hotel Manager of Parkhotel Emstaler Höhe

Boost your energy efficiency with Betterspace and the smart home solution for hotels

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