iQ Phonesystem VoIP telephone systems for your hotel

VoIP Telephone systems

What is the iQ Phonesystem?

The iQ Phonesystem replaces your conventional phone system with a state-of-the-art VoIP solution. Preempt the ISDN deactivation on 01.01.2018 and choose a future-proof solution.

This modern communication solution allows you to effortlessly manage hundreds of extensions. In order to guarantee highest quality we only utilise renowned brand products provided by NEC and Starface.

What are your key benefits?

Optimized hotel processes
Investment in a future-proof system
Compatibility with iQ Tab

Hotel phone server of the latest generation

The iQ Phonesystem servers are based on NEC, Starface and jtel and ensure a high level of reliability. Up to 3,000 extensions can be included in the system. This full scalability allows us to offer you a customized and comprehensive solution that perfectly suits your needs.

telephone system of NEC
telephone system of JTel

Hardware and software in perfect harmony

The telephone system in our iQ Phonesystem solution enables full integration of iQ Tab and provides your guests a competent contact partner directly in their hotel room. Some of our models:

8″ Avaya Vantage incl. digital guest directory

10.1″ iQ Phone by Gigaset

10.1″ iQ Tab with softphone function

7″ iQ Phone by NEC

Start into the digital future with Betterspace and the modern VoIP telephone system

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