iQ Display More features for more individuality on the screen

Hotel lobby with an information display iQ Display

The iQ display not only impresses with information about the hotel and its surroundings. The layout of the lobby screen can be independently adapted to the hotel’s wishes. The news ticker shows your hotel guests interesting information around the clock and with the user-friendly menu, your guests will find exactly what they are looking for.

Layout and designBetter overview and adaptability according to your wishes

Your guests intuitively click through the offers on the information display. The new submenu for the various categories has made navigation on the touchscreen even easier. For example, you can divide the menu item wellness on your lobby screen into categories like massages and cosmetic applications. This way, your guest directly finds what he is looking for on the information screen.

You can not only adapt the colors and logos to the corporate design of your hotel. The tiles on your iQ Display can now also be rearranged independently. Change the appearance of your information display individually, just as you like it. For example, move the welcome tile to the bottom and insert your leisure activities at the top instead. This gives you more freedom in your layout, according to your wishes.

iQ Display with the submenu

The submenu makes it easier to navigate on the iQ Display

News tickerDaily news and offers on the lobby display

Display the happy hours of your hotel bar along the bottom of your information screen or draw attention to a special offer for a sightseeing tour. Your headlines scroll across the screen and attract attention. Information about last-minute changes at hotel events also reach your guests or the current daily offer in the hotel restaurant jumps right into their eyes. Make you guests aware of interesting offers, even at short notice.

Your guests find quick and up-to-date news on the iQ Display. So, they can get targeted information around the clock. Make the smart touchscreen for your hotel lobby your point of contact when your guests are looking for information. You select the messages yourself and simply adjust them according to your wishes.

iQ Display by Betterspace

Touch animationInformation display sparks your guests’ interest

If your iQ Display is not used for an extended period of time, an animation appears on the screen. Your guests are encouraged to touch the display and explore the hotel and its surroundings with the touch screen. The digital concierge also specifically addresses your international guests. The animation is played in English and German, just like a screen saver.

Use the animated overlay to spark the interest of your guests. Simply increase the interactions of your display by drawing your guests’ attention to the lobby screen. Even if your staff is busy with checking in other guests or your front desk is not occupied – the iQ Display offers information and entertainment 24/7.

The animation appears in different languages

Prepare yourself for the future with the information screen iQ Display by Betterspace.

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