Hotel EV Charging Station iQ Charger Give your hotel guests the green light thanks to e-mobility

Charging station iQ Charger charges the electric car of a hotel guest

Guest mobility is of great importance to hotels regarding the services offered by the hotel. Next to the parking facilities for guest’s own vehicles, the on-site-mobility during their hotel stay is a key aspect.

The iQ Charger is the perfect charging solution for your hotel. The charging station, which was adapted to the challenges of a hotel, integrates hotel processes and thus ensures intelligent and optimized charging in the hotel. Boost your competitive edge and benefit from the promising sales opportunities offered by electric mobility for hotels. Enhance the green and sustainable image of your hotel with the smart iQ Charger e-charging station, the customized charging solution for your hotel.

Smart EV charger for your hotel Innovative, progressive and sustainable

Impress your guests with the help from the smart EV charging station iQ Charger. The charging station, which is specially adapted to the needs of the hotel industry takes the load profile of your hotel into account and moderates peak loads. The intelligent EV charging station iQ Charger offers your guests an additional service and you get a new source of revenue in your hotel. With the help from the Booking Assistant you also make it easier for your guests to book the charging station and thus increase the number of bookings. At all times, you have an overview over the availability of your hotel’s own EV charging station. Increase the attractiveness of your hotel and attract new regular customers thanks to the ideal charging infrastructure for electric cars in the hotel.

Peak load dependent charging profile
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Competitive advantage
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Easy and intuitive
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Peak load optimizationNo increasing expenses, but more service for your hotel guests

Electromobility is both, a major opportunity and a challenge for the hotel and restaurant business. The charging management for guest vehicles alone quickly pushes existing technical resources to their limits. This creates room for an intelligent charging management solution that not only meets the expectations of hotel guests, but also minimizes connection and peak performance. The charging station, which is specially modified to meet the needs of the hotel industry, takes the load profile of your hotel into account and lessens increasing peak loads.

The special thing about the iQ Charger lies in the details. The intelligent EV charger considers the load profile of your hotel and has dynamic load management. This way, new peak loads, which are reflected in the electricity price, can be moderated. The increase in peak loads caused by the charging of electric cars can thus be minimized.

Charging point for electric vehicles iQ Charger lessens peak loads in hotels

Intuitive administration tool Charging information from the hotel charging station iQ Charger

With the administration tool, your reception desk has an overview and control over all loading processes at all times. Thanks to the comfortable RFID technology you can easily allocate the energy consumption to the right guest. Your hotel guests with an electric car get a RFID card at the reception desk, which is automatically decoded with the management tool for the EV charging station. With this card your hotel guests start the charging process at the charging station and your employee at the reception desk can see information about the charging duration and consumption for every guest in detail. The administration tool for the smart charging station iQ Charger makes it so easy to see all infomation associated with the charging of electric cars.

Smiling employee at the reception desk hands over RFID card for charging electric car

Hotel’s own e-charging station Book. Charge. Ready.

The installation process of your hotel’s own charging point is uncomplicated. We will gladly advise you. Your guests comfortably make a reservation from their hotel room or from home. With the Booking Assistant your guests can simply choose on what day, at what time and how long they would like to charge their vehicles. The Booking Assistant automates the booking process and relieves your recption staff. You can check the reservations of your charging station in the hotel online from anywhere at any time.

Additionally, the charging process for your guest’s electric vehicles can be managed with RFID cards. The charging process starts uncomplicatedly, when your guests hold the cards in front of the charging station.

Book hotel charging station iQ Charger through digital guest directory in hotels

Higher brand awarenes More attention for your hotel

Increase the awareness level of your hotel thanks to the listing of your hotel’s own EV charging point on relevant charging network platforms. Especially guests with electric vehicles look for detailed information about the charging infrastructure at their holiday destination, before their trip. The listing of your hotel on well-known charging network platforms increases your hotel’s brand awareness. In addition, you get the opportunity to reach a completely new target group for your hotel and win new regular guests.

Couple looks for a hotel with an EV charging station with a tablet computer

Holistic service From consultation to the installation – We are there for you!

The operation of charging stations in your hotel is uncomplicated, offers your guests more service and is economically viable. Any existing customer parking space in your hotel is suitable as a location. Whether you have an underground car park or an outdoor parking space, we will find the right solution for the installation of an electric charging station for your hotel and will support you in an advising and cooperative manner.

The charging stations are easily managed with the Betterspace 360° Hotel Cloud. This provides your hotel with many more solutions to increase your revenue in the hotel or lower the operating costs. We will happily advise you and your employees on how to use the charging station.

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Hotel charging stationi Q Charger Hardware that impresses

The operation of the iQ Charger is easy and uncomplicated. The modern design supports the green character of the charging station. Thanks to the 3-button operation in the front of the charging station, your guests can choose between charging overnight or instant-charging, without any problems. The iQ Charger from Betterspace impresses your guests and is the highlight in your parking area.

  • Charging Capacity: 3,7 kW / 11 kW / 22 kW
  • Cable: 5 m fixed cable with Plug Type 2
  • Mains Connection: 3x 230 V~ / 16 A (or 32 A)
  • Charging Mode: IEC 61851-1 Mode 3
  • Communication: Ethernet / Bluetooth 4.0
  • Load Management: Fixed restricted and tariff periods
  • Operation: 3-button operation & RFID cards
  • Outer Casing: UV-resistant housing
  • Measurement of Unit: 403 mm x 278 mm x 171 mm (h x w x d)
  • Weight: ca. 6,4 kg
  • Socket Environmental Compliance: IP 54
Charger for electric cars iQ Charger for hotels

Future-oriented view E-charging solutions for your hotel

Electromobility is on the rise and almost every fourth car will be an electric car according to predictions. The emission scandal involving diesel vehicles and the impending driving ban are also fuelling the growth of electric vehicles. In our recent research project DiTour-EE funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Finance, we are therefore working on the further development of our intelligent charging stations.

The project DiTour-EE addresses the two trends electromobility and digitization and is developing an ICT system platform that combines and optimizes the mobility needs of guest and hotel vehicles with the energy management of the house. The ICT system platform optimizes the energy comsumption of the hotel as well as controlling the charging processes of electric vehicles so intelligently, that they can be integrated into the hospitality industry at minimum costs.

Smiling hotel guest charges his electric car in a hotel parking space

Take the opportunity to gain a competitive edge with the iQ Charger now and support the progressive character of your hotel. Offer your guests a modern and future-proof charging service with state-of-the-art EV charging stations and meet your guest’s expectation of a perfect hotel.

Look forward to a green and sustainable future with the smart EV charging station iQ Charger and Betterspace

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