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The Booking Assistant is available for the digital guest directory iQ Tab, the interactive lobby display iQ Display and your hotel website. Your guests can easily book your hotel offers and services using the lobby display or tablet. Thanks to the Booking Assistant, each hotel department can manage own bookings and the reception as an intermediate instance for the booking is therefore omitted.

Booking Assistant Save money, time and your nerves

Give your guests the opportunity to book hotel offers directly on-site or already at home. With one click, your guests can be informed about available hotel offers and they can choose the time or service that suit them the best. Lower your personnel costs, relieve your employees and increase guest satisfaction with the help of our Booking Assistant.

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Relieve hotel staff Simplified scheduling in the hotel

Your hotel guests usually go to the reception when they want to reserve a table or book a massage. However, the receptionists are only the mediators of those bookings, as the reservations need to be done in the restaurant and the massage needs to be booked in the wellness area. In the worst case scenario, your employees do not have an overview of all available times, what often leads to a complicated booking management.

The receptionist usually calls the wellness area in order to find out if there are any appointments available. Afterwards, she informs the customer about the available dates and calls the wellness area again to tell them whether the guest wants to book the service on the suggested date or not. If the proposed day or time does not suit your guest, the whole process starts again. With the new Booking Assistant this is a thing of the past. In the future, all hotel departments will manage their appointments independently. This not only saves precious time, but also money and nerves of your employees.

Intuitive operation Booking at the hotel as easy as pie

The booking page developed for your guests is user-friendly and intuitive. Using the guest directory or the lobby display, your guests will get information about hotel offers and services as well as the available dates, which will be presented clearly. In this way your guests can order desired service only with a few clicks. Afterwards, the employees in the corresponding department will check the availability, confirm bookings and guests will receive a confirmation message via e-mail or SMS.

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Appointment Management No matter where, how or when

With your new Booking Assistant you can access your own booking calendar anytime and wherever you are. This allows you and your employees to manage appointments and services from any place. The communication concerning the bookings takes place in both directions and thus you can easily edit the appointments or create new offers. Moreover, all current calendars such as Outlook, Google, iCloud and iCal can be synchronized with our Booking Assistant.

Appointment Reminder No missed appointments ever again

With the smart booking assistant, missed appointments are a thing of the past. Via email and SMS your guests will be automatically reminded of their booked wellness treatments or reserved tables. This not only saves time, but also improves your guest service and strengthens customer loyalty. Besides, you can decide individually what message your guests will receive and when.

Integration of external services Flexible and incredibly uncomplicated

With your new Booking Assistant, which has been developed for the digital guest directory, hotel website or lobby display, you can easily integrate your own hotel hoffers, as well as services from extern providers. Do you employ freelancers as masseurs or beauticians? The Booking Assistant provides own calendars for each of them and allows them to manage their appointments by themselves. Of course, you will always have an overview of all calendars used by your partner providers.

The Booking Assistant is flexible and makes the booking process more simple in various areas. It can be applied for example for the spa treatments, table reservations, bowling alleys, bike rentals, city tours, day trips and much more.

Optimize your booking process with the
Booking Assistant from Betterspace

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