Cloud for your hotel Betterspace 360° Hotel Cloud as a digital solution platform

The innovative 360° Hotel Cloud improves daily work in your hotel as well as the comfort of your guests. Make your guests’ journey easier and offer them a completely new experience before, during and after their stay in your hotel. The smart Hotel Cloud from Betterspace optimizes the processes in your hotel, provides you with real-time data about your guests and ensures the best service and the ideal adressing of your hotelguests.

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Schematische Darstellung der Betterspace 360° Hotel Cloud

360° Hotel Cloud Digitization in the hotel:
Many challenges – one solution

The Betterspace Hotel Cloud offers everything you need for digitizing your hotel. Let us impress you by unlimited possibilities of our smart, digital and intelligent solutions. Do not hesitate and see for yourself what advantages the Hotel Cloud platform offers!

Do you want to improve communication with your guests and optimize the energy efficiency in your hotel? Or do you want to increase your turnover and protect the environment at the same time? Our smart Hotel Cloud is for sure the perfect solution for your hotel and your personal needs. Experience how easy digitalization in hotels can be and what enormous potential it offers.

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Digital. Connected. Intelligent. The Hotel Cloud of the future

The Hotel Cloud from Betterspace 360° connects what belongs together. Link your employees with the cloud platform and your emplyees with your guests. Our hospitality cloud solution brings the future to your hotel and opens you the new way of addressing your guest, improving energy management and hotel networking.

Experience the revolutionary impacts of digitalization through the intelligent hotel platform, which optimizes daily work routines in your hotel. Our intelligent solutions and open interfaces will improve your efficiency. Say goodbye to poroviders of isolated solutions and experience, how the Betterspace Hotel Cloud supports you and makes your everyday life as a hotelier easier.

Guest communication For the perfect connection to your guests

You can meet your guests not only at the reception, but using our hotel plattform you can also reach them directly in their room or even before their stay. The 360° Hotel Cloud from Betterspace helps you to communicate with your guests via push messages or simultaneously translated chats in various languages, so you can always reach your guests at the right moment. Moreover, our smart solutions for digital guest communication offer you many opportunities to get in touch with your guests, whether conference guests, holiday makers or business travelers.

Create completely new customer touchpoints inside and outside your hotel and say goodbye to the limitations of face-to-face communication. Thanks to valuable statistics provided by our Hotel Plattform, you will reach your guests anytime, anywhere, and exactly with the issues that are really interesting for for them. Experience how optimized communication and relaxed staff will positively influence the stay of your hotel guests.

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Hotelgast hält digitale Gästemappe in der Hand

Energy Management The smart hotel is sustainable and green

The 360° Hotel Cloud will help you lower your energy costs, which are a considerable part of the operating costs in the hotel. Our smart hotel platform will help you to improve the energy efficiency and achieve real savings through optimized, automated and digitalized processes. Try out how easy it is to integrate the Hotel Cloud into the existing structures and optimize the hotel processes.

Moreover, the 360° Hotel Cloud helps you to identify energy guzzlers and discover any unusual energy use. Thanks to the frequent reports and warning messages, you can be always well-informed about the energy consumption in your hotel, having a chance to respond immediately to any damage in the control system. In addition, thanks to the significant energy savings you will decrease the environmental impact of your hotel and improve your green and sustainable image.

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Heizkörper mit Funkthermostat im Hotelzimmer

Hotel network The modern technical infrastructure in the hotel

The most important thing for the digitalization of your hotel is a sufficient and modern technical infrastructure. Solid and fast WLAN together with a modern VoIP telephone system are a basic prerequistite for successful digitalization. The Cloud Platform offers the right solution for your hotel as well.

Hotel Cloud Solution from Betterspace together with perfectly compatible solutions make hotels more efficient. They will impress not only you, but also your guests. Meet their new and increased demands on the digital hotel infrastructure and keep your guest satisfied and happy.

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Hotelgast mit Smartphone im Hotelflur

Smart Hotel & Digital Guest Journey The future belongs to those who are ready to change it

The Hotel Cloud from Betterspace helps you to make your guests’ stay an extraordinary experience. Set new standards in guest experience via Hotel Cloud Platform and give your hotel an innovative character. With the unique Cloud Platform you will digitalize your guests’ journey, and show them a completely new dimension.

Thanks to the interfaces, the smart and intelligent Hotel Cloud Platform can be connected to your PMS system as well as to many other hotel system solutions. Learn more about your guests, their needs and desires. We offer you the opportunity to interact digitally with your guests and fulfill their wishes during their entire journey.

Hotel Cloud Platform What is it and why should I care about it as a hotelier?

The 360° Hotel Cloud from Betterspace is a completely web-based solution and does not need to be physically installed in your hotel. This means you have access to your Hotel Cloud anytime, anywhere – the only thing you need is an Internet-enabled PC, tablet or smartphone. You can always have your hotel in your pocket and be well informed.

Since our Hotel Cloud software is not physically installed, you do not need any special hardware or space for it. The reduced IT infrastructure in the hotel will ultimately save you money. Besides, our cloud software works for every hotel, no matter if small or large, part of a hotel chain or privately owned, or if its a business, holiday or spa hotel. Depending on your requirements, the Smart Hotel Cloud can be scaled to any size, and is able to manage hostels, guest houses and even whole hotel chains.

Versatile network with many interfaces

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